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    Industry information

    Tuner on the smart robot, imitation cut under the road

    Time:2018-01-08 Views:671
    Recall that in 2017, although the overall explosion of science and technology has ushered in, there is no doubt that the most attention is still the triumph of artificial intelligence. Under the multiple impetus of technological breakthroughs, market warming and policy landed, capital power has poured into the field of artificial intelligence. The major scientific and technological enterprises in the world have continued to increase their investment and are competing to strengthen their overall layout. Under the halo of artificial intelligence in 2017, Extremely bright.
    Intelligent robot as a masterpiece of artificial intelligence hardware, application-based robot in this subdivision area, torrent brave, from education to commercial, multi-scene layout, in full swing behind the industry, what kind of business logic then?
    Smart Robot: It is not so much to fight artificial intelligence as it is to test the mechanization ability
    Like every hot industry, there is bound to be mixed and unrestrained conditions.
    For start-ups, investing in AI robots is easier for investors than any other area.
    For listed companies, the current artificial intelligence robot in the first phase and the second phase of the integration of pure robot concepts and purely conceptual hype are all over the sky, a sense of reality to do robots, and do a conveyor belt Is the rise of robots even more or less the same, which shows that.
    Specifically, the main problems of the artificial intelligence robot industry are: serious assembly, brought the type of innovation.
    Artificial intelligence robot is mainly divided into two parts, part of the software, that is, AI system, this part of the interaction is mainly voice and picture interaction. For companies with many air outlets, they do not have the capability to independently develop voice recognition. In this case, they generally refer to the technology of a specialized voice recognition company such as IFT.
    Unlike the smart speaker industry, speaker technology is not high technical requirements. The robotics industry hardware level demanding. In the hardware part, there is a big "short board" behind the upsurge of smart robot in China in terms of research and development of upstream high-end materials and manufacturing of core components. Intelligent robot manufacturing is extremely complex, from a small bearing, screw manufacturing to high-end smart chip, artificial intelligence algorithm development, need long-term bit by bit technology and industry accumulation.
    In my opinion, "The key to the development of China‘s smart robotic industry in the future is to continue to push forward the development of China‘s real economy and create a more favorable environment for the development of the manufacturing industry, so as to nurture the world‘s top manufacturing enterprises."
    Artificial intelligence robot hardware part is not simple, such as finger automation, like people to grab items, this is extremely difficult technical, artificial intelligence robot can not do if the automation of finger joints, then it is difficult to apply to the specific scene , Can only be regarded as toys from Hi.
    In a short period of time, it is not easy for China to achieve this goal. In the final analysis, it is still backward in its industrialization. There is a serious lack of domestic hardware engineers. In China, there are a large number of software engineers. As for the hardware, the United States, Japan, Germany and other advanced manufacturing countries Compared, there is not a small gap.
    Therefore, artificial intelligence, robotics, software, by fetching, the significance of competition among enterprises is not large, many companies have come to a company‘s technology, the last competition is the robot‘s intelligence capabilities.
    In full swing intelligent robot industry, not so much to fight artificial intelligence is to test the mechanization of enterprises, intelligence-building level.
    Education robot undercurrents: the ceiling of the policy to guide the industry trend
    Currently speaking, intelligent robot landing scene is mainly two industries, one education market, the other is the commercial area, this part, we analyze the educational scenarios of artificial intelligence robots.
    According to data released by China Robot Education Alliance in 2016, there are already about 7,600 robot education institutions nationwide, an increase of nearly 15 times in the recent five years. This year, this figure will only increase steadily. With the "National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)" as the innovation of the word as the highlight, robot education began to gradually enter primary and secondary schools, Children‘s Palace. At the same time, "China Quality Sports Robot Sport General Rules" was officially promulgated, a variety of competitions on the robot has a legal endorsement, the development of the industry into the fast lane.
    Quality education shouts for many years, as early as the author on the occasion of primary school, that is, the late 90s, countries are promoting quality education, and now with the country‘s overall strength, in many first-tier cities, extra-curricular art classes, advanced Of the high-tech textbooks have also entered the classroom, quality education era full arrival, the artificial intelligence robot industry in the development of education provides a good soil.
    Artificial intelligence robot can take root in education, on the one hand to meet the quality of education, to develop children‘s ability to start, on the other hand, the robot in order to full outbreak, but also with education completely linked, that is, the robot contest results with the exam Education linked. Recently, the Ministry of Education issued new regulations to make adjustments to enrollment conditions for self-enrollment, leaving only two categories of subject strengths and innovation potentials. The gold content of various robot competitions further increased.
    As a result, many parents began to run the race, expertise, plus points and other keywords reported to the robot classes, eventually leading to parents of K12 science and technology education enthusiasm is much higher than the participation of university students in science and technology competition enthusiasm. Robot education is just as vigorous as ever.
    In China, Jimu robot, Makeblock and so on are the best choices for holding the banner of programming robots.
    In the scene of artificial intelligence robot education, intelligent robots face the same awkward situation. For robots to be linked with exam-oriented education, the most likely basis for evaluation should be programming. Robotic assembly or robotic competition will not work. If it is more than programming ability, then its essence is not directly related to the robot, but also returned to the software part.
    In addition, the intelligent robot landing in the education scene, policy-dependent too high, if not linked with the entrance examination, it is difficult to have a great improvement, can only be reduced to the name of teaching toys under the guise of. At that time can only be as meteor general, 烜 He moment, soon to fall, the entire educational robot industry will enter a period of silence.
    Commercial robots are in full swing: opportunities and challenges in the enterprise service market
    Artificial Intelligence Robot Another landing scene is mainly a business scene. In recognition of the false prosperity of the 2C market relying on subsidies, in recent years more and more capital has begun to look to the 2B market, which is higher in value and less developed. Business model from the TOB market boom, the company‘s service scene also showed a wide range of services extended from the sasa system to the giant layout of the cloud, the direction of software data, a enchanting domestic and foreign, with the upgrading of business services, soft Hardened one artificial intelligence robot has gradually become a new partner in the enterprise service market.
    Artificial intelligence robot is a comprehensive technology, a variety of business office software applications only for grass-roots applications of big data, as a combination of hard and soft robotics, should become a higher dimension of business services, service robot, the state and related Groups have also given attention. For example, China Robotics Industry Alliance, just not long ago, announced that it will release three league standards and 17 robot industry alliance standards. From these indications, the future of service robots is extremely impressive for the foreseeable future.
    With the rise of prices and the improvement of living cost, the wages of the workers have also gone up. Especially in the first-tier cities, even more terrible is that wages will not drop after the wage level increases, and the labor costs will only be higher and higher. Therefore, the enterprises To reduce operating costs, commercial service robots will undoubtedly play a key role.
    Connaught large enterprise service-level market, previously mainly concentrated in the software field, the advent of commercial robots today, expanding the service-level market boundaries, but at the same time, commercial artificial intelligence robots also face no small challenge.
    The first is the price threshold is too high. The rising cost of labor is an indisputable fact that labor costs are actually saved by replacing machines with machines, but new costs are added - robot costs. We take a small restaurant, for example, a second-tier cities, shops in the monthly salaries are between 3,000 yuan to 3,500 yuan, but many commercial robot companies can basically customize the product to the restaurant to use, but the price is at least In the 50,000 yuan, while the price of a basic machine more than a salaried staff a year‘s wages, taking into account the robot‘s use of time, failure to repair costs and other issues, the robot did not reduce labor costs. And robots have depreciation, coupled with Moore‘s Law, the first introduction of the robot restaurant, may account for less than cheap, it is better to wait and see attitude.
    The other restricts the development of commercial robots is the threshold - human-computer interaction.
    The most critical technology for commercial robots is "smart voice," and robots are not smart in the eyes of consumers if we can not give the robot the power to speak.
    At present, we have seen a great variety of commercial robots in banks and commercial families. When people actually come into contact with these robots, they will find that the voice functions of these robots will not reach the normal level of communication with you. Especially in shopping malls and some more noisy public places, the robot‘s voice system will make you very disappointed.
    When testing in the laboratory, the robot‘s voice system meets the requirements of the interaction. The accuracy of speech recognition is over 90%. However, once the customer signs in, the application to the public places is like "roaming with the rookie", which makes many robot enterprises very distressed.
    This technology called remote dynamic microphone array pickup technology in the industry, the domestic robotics industry in this area is not mature.
    Behind the technical pain point is the strength of enterprise research and development and technological innovation.
    At present, the homogeneity of appearance and function of commercial robots on the market is more serious. One is the lack of core technologies, and the products only rely on the concept of patchwork; the other is deviating from the market orientation, without starting from the user experience and application scenarios Design planning.
    Commercial robots are more than just intelligent hardware, they are comprehensive technical solutions. It needs more customized degrees of freedom for different spending scenarios for industry customers and carries some of the values ??at the enterprise level. For the traditional political and business enterprises to solve practical problems, to create more value or even bring a revolutionary user experience.
    On the tuyere of intelligent robots, seemingly glamorous, it really reef surging, under the auspices of the cut will be where to go, 2018 can usher in a major breakthrough, wait and see.
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